Child & Youth Finance International

Child & Youth Finance International

CYFI is a global system change organization working with partners in 132 countries. We have taken on the challenge of ensuring that everyone works together to reshape financial systems in order to economically and socially empower children and youth worldwide.

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CYFI does this through 4 main initiatives:

  • YE! for young entrepreneurs: Ye! is an online platform for young entrepreneurs between 16 and 30 years old. Ye! connects young entrepreneurs around the world and provides them with business knowledge, an online community, a coaching program and links to funding opportunities to help them grow their ventures.
  • SchoolBank: SchoolBank aims to increase financial inclusion of children and young people through the school system. Through an innovative multi-stakeholder approach the goal is to create systems change by providing children and youth with a Child & Youth Friendly bank account that they can use to save money, while at the same time imparting the appropriate education to teach them why and how to save and what their economic rights are.
  • Global Inclusion Awards: The Global Inclusion Awards recognize and honor those that achieve greatness and demonstrate innovation in financial, social and livelihoods, education, financial inclusion, and entrepreneurial support for children and youth at the national, regional and international level.
  • Global Money Week: Global Money Week is a global celebration, initiated by CYFI, with local and regional events and activities aimed at inspiring children and youth to learn about money, saving, creating livelihoods, gaining employment and becoming an entrepreneur. GMW takes place every year during the second week of March.

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